Journal # 13

January 26, 2010: Have you ever done something without really wanting to do it, but after doing it, you have been blessed more than you can imagine? Well, since I left Laval and came back to Portland on January 6, Gary has had a terrible sinus infection and has been feeling very lousy. So, one night after hanging up the phone with him, I decided I am going to drive home on Sunday, January 24th and surprise him. I spoke with dad (my father-in-law) and set the wheels in motion. The secret was going well, until I forwarded an e-mail to Gary, two days before the appointed Sunday, that had a line at the end wishing me a safe trip home. After I hit send, it hit me like a brick. But, it was too late. I called Gary right away to see if he had read the e-mail yet. He was reading it as I called. Well, the cat was out of the bag. I was disappointed that I could not surprise him, but on the other hand, he sounded so much better. The anticipation of seeing a loved one I guess does more good than we can imagine. So, I was glad that I messed up.

The weather was great for a January afternoon and the drive was easy. The two-and-a-half hours passed fast and I arrived in Laval at six p.m. right on time for supper. It is always great to come home. I have realized that home is the best place on earth, but I only got to learn this because I was away from it. Earlier in my life, I always wanted to go away on week-end get-a-ways and vacations, as much as possible. Now however, I have grown to love to come home and enjoy the embrace of my family, my friends and the comforts of the home.

On Tuesday January 26th, Gary needed to go downtown to meet someone for about three hours and he asked me if I would go with him. Just to be with him for the drive and “Just be with him”. At first I was reluctant and did not want to leave home, but then, I realized how much it would mean to him, so I went. Arriving downtown and dropping him where he needed to be, I continued to go on to the Christian Book store in Westmount to get a few things for Youth Group, etc.  Meanwhile, I was thinking of a very special teacher from Concordia University and I truly wanted to see her. While I was driving, something inside of me pushed me to go and drop in at the Theological Department at Concordia.  This is where I completed my BA in Theological Studies in 2007. So, this place will always have a special place in my heart.

Higher education was always an unattainable reality for me. I always thought only the rich and the powerful can attain such realities, but God had turned the tables around and granted me the honour of achieving this milestone. This was all done because of Grace.

My mom called Canada the Promised Land. Now, I am able to see what she meant. We are truly blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom of speech and opportunities to continue higher education. Yes, we can still do so much more. Our Government must do a lot more, but when I compare where I came from to where I am now, I praise God every day.

So, I arrived on Bishop Street and parked my car right in front of the Theological Department’s offices and saw the teacher I was yearning to see. She had just walked in the office and I saw her from the road. Still my excuses were many. What if she has appointments and cannot meet with me, what if, what if. I walked up to the office and greeted her. What a joy it was for both of us. We visited for an hour and a half and enjoyed an amazing time of fellowship. We prayed together and I left for the bookstore.

Why did this day stand out for me? Because, I learnt a few lessons once again. First, put others’ needs before yours and you will be blessed. Second, do not let excuses be your way out of what the Spirit is leading you to do. Always be ready to act with love. Maybe my excuses were stemmed from laziness and reluctance, but I am glad that I was able to stomp on these feelings and conquer them with Grace to enjoy a blessed day, which is more than just a day in Montreal, but a day worth living in.

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