CHRISTmas Message – 2009

HOPE, Peace, Joy, Love

                                           By: Takouhi Demirdjian-Petro

 As Christmas approaches

People begin to run

Seeking to find the gift

That will last forever.


In the chaos of the night

Looking for HOPE they wander

Into baskets of sales they sink and slumber.

Seeking bargains they kneel and pray

Allowing True Hope to dissipate away.


The search continues,

This time it is Peace.

This Peace which is found within is sought without.

Forgetting to reconnect with the Prince of Peace at hand

Self glory of the nations

Becomes the reason to proclaim the Season.


Peace is not heard nor touched

Deafening music plays on

Thinking Joy will come

“It has to work this time”.

Yet, Joy is not found in bells or chimes

Nor in the carols that are sang for many years thus far.


What is left then but to Love.

Love that will satisfy even for one night.

Pleasures fulfilled

People disappear

The one left alone is loved by the ONE unseen.


People search in vain rushing through the days

But the message is clear  – Slow down and Breathe…


The breath of life in you is God’s Love everlasting

The gifts you share with others is God’s Joy within

The words of Love you speak is God’s Peace on Earth

The Life you Hope for is wrapped in the manger abiding.


May the First Christmas Story be the center of your Heart


May the New Year ahead be established on

True Hope, Peace, Joy and Love which Surpass all human understanding.

2009 – All Rights Reserved Jabez Enterprises


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